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Funny Cat Toy

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This unique battery-operated toy delivers hours of endless fun thanks to the automated rotating mirror that beams the laser out in random patterns for hands-free solo play to help keep your furry friend from getting bored and anxious while you’re busy or away.

For interactive play with your pet, you can switch it to manual mode and create your own dazzling, irresistible patterns of light for your pal to chase across the floor, up the walls, and over furniture.


Key Features :

🐱Keep Cat Interested : Cat Toy with the laser track that is not only circling but has more modes for your furry friends such as automatically "Stop and Go",”Fast and Slow” or run on "Z" of track .It is able to auto startup at every 3 hours and into shutdown after working for 15 mins. All of those designs are for the goal that please your cat well,won't get bored ,play it with a longer time and gain a healthier condition.

🐱Adjustable Circling Range and Height: You can control the laser circling range and height in 5 positions with the switch on the back of the laser cat toy.The laser projector is mounted on the front of the cat toy.The farther the laser projector is from the target, the larger the circling range,so it's suitable for most sizes of space and cats are able to run farther.

🐱Avoid Knocking Down:Because its laser projector is in front of it, as long as the cat toy is facing the site you need to project, its laser track will be circling in front of the cat toy. Therefore,you don't have to place it at middle of a space like other laser cat toys do where is really easily to be knocked down by cat. Cat Toy can be placed it on table,desk,bookshelf,window or somewhere that cat won't notice.

🐱Powered by USB cable and AA battery: Your cat can play with it continuously at home when use micro USB (included) to get power from any USB port.Use 4 AA batteries(Not included) for powering it outdoor.

🐱Handheld Mode: Switch auto mode to handheld mode,you can use it as a laser pointer for cats,or cat teaser toy and are able to tease cats on the way you like.Bring a delightful time for you and cat. Laser Cat Toy is certified with Lase Class 2 with output at 630-680nm,Diode Laser<1mW.



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